About Us
Lake Superior Title, LLC was created with our customers' best interest in mind.
Who chooses the Title Company?
No Straight Lines:
Not everything is black and white. We pride ourselves in being able to think quickly and act efficiently to make all transactions smooth and stress free for all parties invovled.

In depth research and the ability to think outside the box can make a potentially "tricky" title situation clean and clear and ready to proceed.
Accommodation is Key:
We understand the working lives of our customers. Not all closings can be planned within 'normal' parameters.

If you can't make it to us, contact us and we'll try to come to you; either in person, by mail, or by enlisting a fellow title insurance agent in your area.

Simply contact us prior to closing and we'll make it work for you.
In Minnesota, the title company is at the Buyer/Borrower's discretion. Simply let your Realtor or Lender know which company you'd prefer.

In Wisconsin, the title company is selected by the Seller, because the Seller will pay for an Owner's Policy of Title Insurance at the time of closing.

If you are refinancing your own property, then the choice is yours.
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What is Title Insurance?
Our underwriter says it best. Click the link below to visit their site and read about why title insurance is so important.
Old Republic Title Insurance Company
What else does a Title Insurance Company Do?
Most Title Insurance Companies also provide closing services. The closing is the culmination of the work done by Lenders, Realtors and Title Companies, and usually includes a great deal of paperwork.

A good closer knows the importance of the customer's understanding of the documents they are expected to sign. We also understand the importance of the customer's comfort during the transaction.

A Higher Standard of Customer Service